What to Expect

An overview of the process

1.When you call we set up an initial consultation. We look at pictures together and get an idea of what you want, and how much it will cost. If you decide to work with Zaxwear you make a deposit and we take your measurements. This initial consultation usually lasts half an hour. At this time we make an appointment for you to have a fitting out of muslin (not the actual dress fabric). You are involved with all the choices of fabrics, trims , etc.

2.We make the muslin dress and fit it on you. We make any changes for fit and design that need to be made. Depending on how this goes there may be another fitting with the muslin or it may be ready to be constructed out of the real fabric.

3.A final fitting is set up and you come with the shoes and undergarments you will wear on you’re wedding day. I set the length and we arrange for the pick-up date.

The price for your dream gown starts at $1,800.00 + materials. Veil, jacket, pillows etc. are available for extra charges.

*The economy gown is now available again, a $800.00 wedding gown with some restrictions including: no trains and no strapless gowns. minimum 3 month turn around. Not available for last minute gown.

The 1/2 hour consultation is free.

The payment schedule:

At the initial meeting when you decide you want to have a Zaxwear gown we estimate the cost and write up a contract with delivery date and items ordered.  1/3 of the estimated total is paid at this time so we can get started right away on your gown!

At the first fitting of the muslin gown the second third of the cost is paid.

You may have 1 or 2 more fittings. When the hem is done you make your last appointment to pick up your gown.

When you come to pick up your gown you make the final payment, you take your gown and you get married!